Matic Kos

About me

My name is Matic Kos and I am a visual artist working in different media of visual field (assemblage, video, painting, sculpture, installation etc.). What inspires me as an artist is strong impact, which culture has on us as individuals and our view of world, and also a possibility of individual artist, or a group of artists, to offer their view of the presence – and history – to the viewers: to enjoy it visually and to rethink it conceptually.

I like art; I like to consume art as a viewer and I like to express myself through art. It defines who I am, it defines who I was and it defines who I want to be. I like to teach art and I like to preach art, if I may say so. And I am not the only one. Art has become popular; it is consumed in large measures. In this kind of world I see myself as a stone in the mosaic, trying to make connections with other artist and people, trying to improve the world, to make it better.

I believe art can be a bridge to more human world. It can overcome the barriers between people based on different cultures and different religion. It has a power to do so. And even if it fails, it makes our world more beautiful, more bearable.

Why project Home

Ljubljana inspires me: it is the capitol of Slovenia, the most populated city in my homeland. It has the beat of metropolis, it is cosmopolitan city. It is young city – with all the students coming here from all Slovenia and with all the young backpacking travellers from all over the world.

It has it also very strong historical roots – up to 2000 b.c.! – and it also has a profound architecture, the mostly I admire Plečnik’s.

I like to walk trough Ljubljana’s streets thinking about people who lived here before, in different times and different circumstances. Old Romans in their tunics, noblemen living in The Castle of Ljubljana, citizens of Yugoslavia coming in the town looking for a better life ...

And I like it’s presence: the possibilities Ljubljana is giving to the people from peripheries of Slovenia – people like myself. Many young people are coming here to fight them self their peace of the world, to find a better and bigger life for them self and their families.

Ljubljana is a living history. A world of opportunity. It is the place we call home.