Aljaž Babič


Ever since I remember I liked to draw. As a teenager I somehow forgot about drawing and I dived into biology, chemistry, etc. I wanted to know how things work and why, rather than what they look like. But when I got in touch with applied arts (landscape architecture, architecture, urbanism...) and with them design, it all became clear to me. I recognised drawing as the best tool for research. For me line is the most natural and there for the most powerful artistic expression. Line can be created by the simplest hand gesture and it record its movement. For me it is the first step in generating an idea, it goes hand in hand with thought process. Being able to visualize ideas, no matter how complex they are, in a way that they can be understand is the goal.


Ljubljana is the city I know the most about. It is a place where I grew up and I live here still. But what interests me the most about this city is not its long and interesting history neither is its beautiful medieval castle or city centre, it has nothing to do with the fact that where ever in Ljubljana you are, you have less than 15 minutest before you reach nature either. What interests me the most is my perception of the city, or more acurately, how it changed over the years. The more I know, the more image of this city changes. I do not notice the stuff I liked as a kid any more and I love to see more of what I couldn't stand a few years back. The modern city is chaos. Its complexity is the sum of countless, unpredictable factors. How can you understand it ? Here creativity opens whole another world of questions and answers. The creative process pushes you down the rabbit hole.